Lighting controls such as on/off switches or dimmers are an essential of every house. However, you can only control them when physically standing at the switch.
Did you know that there are ways to combine all your lighting controls into a centralized system?
This enables features such as:
-App control from any smart device
-All On / All Off buttons by the entry doors
-Grouping lights by locations or floors
-Adding motion sensors to automatically turn on or off lights
-and so much more!


Modern window coverings are available in a plethora of different varieties. Imagine the luxury it would give your home by installing wireless motorized shades! They can be controlled by remotes, on-wall keypads, your mobile device and voice assistants.

“Hey Google, close the living room blinds!”


More people than ever are streaming movies from home, instead of going to the theater. Why not take that to the next step with your own personal theater room? It’s easily done and affordable. For those who enjoy music, we can install built-in speakers into any room in the house. Benefits of that include not having the hassle of a portable speaker running out of battery, or dragging it around the house with you as you move around. Options include in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall, floor speakers and even invisible speakers behind the wall! Wouldn’t it be nice to have music always available on the deck for those outdoor dinners in the summer?


Did you know that you can combine many of these automations into a single, wall-mounted keypad? And since it can be programmed for controlling multiple things, you can setup any scene you want and then activate it with a single button, or from the app.


For most homes, internet providers generally give a single device that is a combination modem, router and wireless access point, and that’s all that most people have ever known for their internet access. But inherent to that experience, is having to restart that device whenever there’s an issue with the wifi; dead zones in various spots of the house; or your Netflix constantly loading, because your kids are gaming or watching Youtube at the same time; your internet speed suffering at peak usage hours. There is a better solution! Professional grade wireless access points, with the latest Wifi6 standard for speed, hardwired back to a proper router or firewall appliance.
Don’t settle for the bare minimum that the internet companies are giving you – your time is worth more than having to fight with the wifi!


Keep an eye on your entry doors with video doorbells. Take it a step further with a connected door lock, enabling you to see who’s at your front door and unlock the door for them, without even being at the door. You don’t even have to be home! For extra peace of mind, add some cameras wherever you might want to check in, for example the pool or where the pets usually sleep while you’re away. These features can then be integrated with an alarm system, giving you complete protection. Stay safe!


Old thermostats required you to be at the device in order to set the temperature. Today’s smart thermostats can be configured from your mobile device, determine whether anyone is home or not and adjust the temperature automatically, as well as learning your patterns and preferences. So once they learn that you typically arrive home at a certain time, they’ll automatically turn on the heat or A/C based on your preferences and time of year. You’ll never come home to a cold house again – it will always be the right temperature, automatically!

Voice Assistants

“Alexa, turn off the living room lights!”
“Siri, play a nature documentary on the Bedroom TV!”
“Google, set the temperature to 22!”
“Josh, it’s party time!”

Our systems can be integrated with today’s popular voice assistants, giving you even more convenience and control of your smart home.

Now that’s luxury!


Ease of Use

Ultimately, no matter what home automations you decide on, they have to be easy to use, reliable, and actually add value to your home life. If they don’t tick all those boxes, then it’s not worth it. So no matter what your preferences are, we will always make sure that our clients are getting what they want and need from their smart home. If it’s a universal remote, an on-wall touchpad, a voice assistant, or just extra hands-on training, we can do that!